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Certified Pre-Owned CTC PAL Autosampler Parts


  • Certified Pre-Owned PAL Coolstack 12 position (Coolstack and MN 03-00)

    Certified Pre-Owned PAL Coolstack 12 position. (silver-back xt models also available). You must send in the defective unit and receive a $1,000 credit.  (The net price shown below  reflects the credit)

    $4865.00 after return credit (for silver-backed cooled stack)

    Peltier cooled 12MT Stack 4°C to 40°C for 12 standard microplates including LCD display, temperature regulation ±1°C and power supply 100V-240V

    OEM Part:

    - PAL.CoolSTK12

    - G4270-60003


    Return Discount - (Return Original Part)
     No Part to Return $1000
      I will return original part