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CPO Pre-Owned Parts

Certified pre-owned parts updated to the latest revision of their electronics. All batteries, capacitors fuses etc. are checked and replaced if needed. All parts go through a 24-hour continuous test. All refurbished parts are guaranteed to work like new and carry a 90-day warranty. Return credit is contingent on whether the module is repairable, and we cannot guarantee availability of all items at all times.

  • Certified Pre-Owned CTC PAL Control Board for all xt-PAL models (APR Control-xt)

    Refurbished Control Board for all xt-PAL Models

    We must received a defective part from you and you will receive a $500 credit. 

    (The net price shown below reflects the credit)

    $1,900 after return credit

    Also known as:

    G6500-60605 -- XT Upgrade for COMBI PAL Systems

    G4277-65000 -- CPU Board upgrade for HTS Injector

    G4277-65001 -- CPU Board upgrade for HTC Injector


    Return Discount - (Return Original Part)
      No Part to Return $500
      I will return original part